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New Work for Launched at the 2024 Celebrate Asia Marketplace at Seattle's Beneroya Hall,  earrings and necklaces.

At the 2024 Celebrate Asia Marketplace held at Seattle's Beneroya Hall, new earrings and necklaces were launched. The Seattle China Post stopped its printed publication in January 2023. Assunta Ng, the publisher, gave me the type sorts that were used to print the newspaper with the promise to create unique jewelry.

I am proud to present these pieces that preserve a part of Seattle's Chinese community history. For the 2024 Year of the Dragon launch, I have selected three characters: Patience (忍), Truth (諦), and Wisdom (慧).

Every Lunar New Year, I will add more characters to the collection by searching through the type sort box (pictured left).

Each character will have a pendant and a set of earrings, which can be purchased separately or as an Earring/Necklace set. The two metal options available are pure silver with sterling silver and bronze with 14K gold-filled chains. These items are only available at special events listed on my website or if you contact me through this website.

Photo credit: Assunta Ng

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